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Leadership for the Technological Era

May 17, 2016

CWC 94 - Don’t Ask What Can I Do With My Educations, But Ask How Many People Can I Help With My Passion.

Todays Guest Kyle Hendrix is Founder of “Bricks and Mortar Leadership”  His unique brand or leadership can best be explained as one on one coaching on creating your individual brand. His passion is to make each or his clients the most effective in their own market.

This exceptional gift  and style of leadership is resonating truly needed in the modern era, he says don't try to copy what others are doing but make your own market.  

Listen as Kyle gives us one of the best quotes for young people in the workforce that I have heard in some time. It is truly worthy of a John F. Kennedy speech.

He tells young people: “Don't Ask What You Can Do With Your Educations, But Ask How Many People You Can Help With Your Passion.”

Hats off to Kyle and his work.


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