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Leadership for the Technological Era

April 20, 2016

CWC 92 - What is the Socio-tech Revolution

In today's discussion we talk about an extremely hot topic in the latest trend in disruptive technology which we call Socio-tech. We have had so many questions about “what is this new Socio-Technological Era”, that we thought we should take the time to define Socio-tech.

Today's conversation topic will give you an understanding of how we define socio-tech. We want those of you offering socio-tech solutions to reach out to us at Logic Central so we can showcase your solutions.

In our discussion today you will hear how socio-tech solutions will fit the following types of gaps or provide solutions in these area. We hope you enjoy.

  • Provide a Framework for and acceptable behavior in the virtual world
  • Link accountability of responsible humans to technology
  • Enable trust between individual actors in virtual social environments
  • Navigate the new virtual social environment
  • Determine relevancy of the vase sources of information

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